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“Yesterday I had to have my cat euthanized. She was 18 yrs old and had gotten sick and very weak and thin. She had stopped eating and was barely walking around. I called around to several different vet clinics in town to get pricing ideas and hours. This one was the only one that wasn’t going to charge me a separate price to be present for the procedure, and acted surprised that other clinics were doing so (which was how I felt…). This clinic gave me the lowest price for the procedure as well as the cremation, having the remains returned to me. This was the only clinic offering flexible hours to help me do the procedure without having to miss work. They scheduled me for 7:30 pm the day I called to inquire. They further accommodated me when I went home for lunch to check on my cat and realized she wouldn’t make it ’til then. I called the clinic and asked them if I could please bring her in during my lunch break so that she didn’t die alone, in my closet, while I was at work. I wanted to be with her. The Vet was away at lunch but returned early just to help me. When I brought her in they held her while I filled out the paperwork, waited with my cat while I went to withdraw cash because my card wouldn’t go through for whatever reason. They were all being very caring and helpful. When I went back for the procedure the Vet was called away to an emergency (which I understood). They were apologetic and quickly brought in someone else to take over. They took their time and didn’t rush me at all. They thoroughly explained what would happen, allowed me to mourn, and most importantly made me feel like they actually cared, not like they were pretending to care. Every single step of the way was great. I assured them they’d receive my recommendations. Here’s the first one.”

Brooke Kelly