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Gary H. Brotze

Dr. Brotze was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised on a farm between San Antonio and Seguin. He attended college at Texas A&M and received his doctorate of veterinary medicine in 1967. After serving two years in the Army, he joined Dr. Larry Waldrip at Creek View in 1970.

Dr. Brotze has four children and 5 grandchildren. He is educating himself in this new-fangled technology called “the internet” (!)

Dr. Brotze is an avid bike rider. If you see him on the road riding make sure to wave and try not to hit him.

Dr. Brotze has 3 dogs (two of which are Labradoodles), and 3 cats. As with anyone involved in the business of animals, this number and variety is subject to change without notice!