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Featured Pet

We are excited to announce Freebie Burris as our Featured Pet of the Month! Here is Freebie’s story….

It was a beautiful night for fishing, so the Burris family headed down to the pond with fishing poles in hand. They decided on bacon as bait because catfish love bacon. Just about the time the littlest Burris was ready to cast, Freebie (the family Labrador Retriever) grabbed the bacon and the hook. Before they could do anything, Freebie had swallowed the bacon, hook, line, and sinker.

Welta and Stan rushed Freebie, the now dog-fish, to Creek View Veterinary Clinic to find out what to do next. Dr. Rierson immediately took an x-ray to find out exactly where the hook was lodged. At that point, Freebie was sedated. Dr. Rierson used an endoscope (a flexible instrument that allows for examination of internal surfaces) to reach down Freebie’s esophagus and dislodge the hook. It took several tries, but finally the hook was advanced to a point where Dr. Rierson could reach it with a pair of surgical instruments. Due to the danger of tearing Freebie’s esophagus, Dr. Rierson used a pair of wire cutters to cut the hook in half. He was able to remove the long piece and used a strong magnet to extract the small barbed end. The technical staff at Creek View monitored Freebie while he woke up from the surgery.

Freebie did great and went home the following day. Today he is perfectly fine, but his days of fishing are now over.