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Featured Pet

Creek View Veterinary Clinic is pleased to present our Featured Pet of the Month, Sadie!

Sadie Hoffman, a 8 year old Weimaraner, came into Creek View Veterinary Clinic at approximately 8:00 am on July 17, 2018 as an emergency. Sadie was experiencing what appeared to be a stroke. She was unable to hold her head up straight and unable to stand. Her head was tilted to the side, eyes rocking back and forth, and didn’t know where her feet were.

It took intensive nursing care to get her stabilized. She had to be placed on IV fluids, hand fed, and turned frequently to prevent her from developing bed sores. The nursing staff, her family, and Dr. Doherty never gave up on her, but more importantly, Sadie didn’t give up on us. Once, her eyes stopped rocking back and forth and her head tilt got improved, she began to greet us with a happy bark and a tail wag.

This sweet girl was strong and fought for her life. After being on IV fluids for one week, her appetite improved and she began to show signs of wanting to eat and stand on her own. For 10 minutes every hour, the nursing staff would use a towel as a sling to help her rebuild strength and awareness of her legs. Sadie showed slow but continuous improvement with this care and was strong enough to go for short walks a week later.

The walks went slow, at first, but our girl just took that as another stepping stone. With every walk, she got stronger and more coordinated. Eventually, she would bark to let you know that she needed to go outside to use the restroom and you had to be quick to put the leash on her. She was ready to rock and roll, and you just had to keep up with her.

Sadie was able to return home after two weeks of hospitalization. She was back to eating, drinking, walking, and always happy to see our team and her family! However, some of these stories don’t end up like Sadie’s. Every patient is different and there are some instances that a patient never fully recovers from their stroke. So, being proactive with your fur baby’s health is key to catching these signs as early as possible.

The other factor that played a huge role with Sadie, was that her wonderful owners, acted very quickly when they noticed that she wasn’t able to stand, let alone hold her head up. So, please if you notice a change in your pet’s normal behavior, seek veterinary help immediately. This could benefit your pet’s outcome and recovery time considerably.