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Featured Pet

Creek View Veterinary Clinic is pleased to present our Featured Pet of the Month, Violet!

Violet is a German Shephard that visited Creek View in April for an emergency surgery to remove her spleen, also known as a splenectomy.

On April 27, 2022, Officer Buethe from the Comal County K-9 Unit, received a phone call from his sister regarding Violet. Violet was currently at an emergency vet clinic and his sister was advised that Violet had a splenic torsion which required surgery and would cost a large amount of money. Violet’s owner was very concerned she would have to euthanize her dog because she could not afford such an expensive surgery. Officer Buethe reached out to Dr. Rierson because of his relationship with Creek View Veterinary Clinic, to see if Dr. Rierson could perform surgery at a cost-effective rate to be able to save Violet’s life. Violet was brought in within 90 minutes and a splenectomy was performed.

Violet’s family reports she is doing well today and they are grateful that Creek View was able to work with them to save Violet!

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