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Featured Pet

Creek View Veterinary Clinic is pleased to present our Featured Pet of the Month, Tiny!

Tiny was brought into Creek View on June 3rd after visiting an emergency clinic following a dog attack. When Tiny arrived at Creek View, her wounds had already been sutured closed by the emergency clinic. She was wrapped in bandages, with a drain in place, and just not feeling her spunky self. After examination by our team, it was recommended that Tiny remain at Creek View for a few days for continued monitoring and management of her Jackson Pratt drain (a drain that applies constant suction to remove excess fluid production from wounds). Her care consisted of daily bandage changes, pain medications, and antibiotics. Once Tiny was starting to feel better and her wounds were improving, she returned home with her owners. However, the battle wasn’t over yet. Tiny’s wounds were so extensive and traumatic that we were very concerned about how much tissue would survive. She visited Creek View for bandage changes every other day and her wounds were examined during each visit. At each visit, the technicians insisted that her bandage be replaced with hot pink vet wrap because, “It’s her color!”

During one of her visits, we noticed that the sutures holding her wounds closed began to come apart in response to her the body trying to remove dead tissue. To correct this, Tiny went to surgery again for Dr. Correll to remove the damaged tissue throughout her wounds and suture closed the healthy tissue that was still present. She was sent home later that day to continue her medications with a new bandage sweater in place. Back on her road to recovery, Tiny still had to return for checkups to ensure she was on the right track. Once the team felt comfortable with her progress, she was finally rid of her make-shift turtle neck bandage and was placed in a comfy tshirt to finish up her healing. Our team and her amazing owners were so excited for the day her sutures were removed, almost one month later! Tiny is back to her normal feisty self, just as it should be.

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