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Featured Pet

Creek View Veterinary Clinic is pleased to present our Featured Pet of the Month, Josephine!

Josephine is a two year old Maltese terrier mix. She was first brought to Creek View Veterinary Clinic on May 15th for back pain. Five days later she returned for follow-up care after being treated by the Emergency Pet Hospital for a serious foot injury.

Dr. Lembke saw Josephine initially and opened up the bandage from the night before. She noticed a lot of bruising, inflammation, and discoloration. Josephine was in a lot of pain as well. Dr. Lembke performed hydrotherapy on her right foot to help with inflammation and pain reduction, then applied an antibiotic cream to prevent the foot from becoming infected, followed by a new bandage. Josephine’s owners continued administering the pain medication prescribed by the emergency hospital and Josephine was to return to Creek View every two days for a bandage change and recheck. During that time she also saw Dr. Correll, who continued the hydrotherapy on her foot which seemed to make her more comfortable. Dr. Corrrell applied a different type of dressing on Josephine’s foot called “sugardine” which consists of granulated sugar and betadine disinfectant solution mixed together. This type of bandage dressing also helps reduce inflammation, cleans the wound, and limits bacterial growth. With every bandage change Josephine’s foot continued to improve. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for her pet parents who continued bringing her in for her appointments.

After a month of coming to the clinic every two days for follow-up treatments, Josephine is doing great and her foot is healing very well!

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