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Nov 24 2015


During the month of December we will be celebrating our furry feline friends. When you make a wellness appointment for your cat we will introduce you to our new feline “stress-less experience.” The low anxiety experience begins as soon as we book the appointment. We will send you a sealed towelette with instruction to wipe down your carrier so that the kitty will be introduced to a pheromone scent that causes them to feel more relaxed. When you and kitty arrive at the clinic we will spray a clean bath towel with the same pheromone and place this towel over the carrier to give the kitty some privacy from the noise and flurry of the waiting area as well as being able to continue the relaxing scent of the spray. By the way, humans are almost totally immune to this odor. We don’t “sense” it in the same way the kitties do. The scent “reminds” them of being a kitten snuggled up with other little ones next to the mama safe and warm. When it’s time for the appointment to begin, we will bring you and your cat into our newly appointed cat exam room where we will allow the cat to roam about if it wants for just a bit before the doctor comes in for the exam. The exam table will be equipped with a warm scented towel over a gently heated pad. And just for you, we are offering a 10% discount for each feline wellness visit that includes an exam and vaccinations. We are hoping this feline experience will prove to be much less traumatic for both you and your feline friend.

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